Lake Bled & The Balkans

Lake Bled is a glacier-formed, crystal blue lake, known for its castle and panoramic views. It's also close to Slovenia’s culture-packed capital, Ljubljana.

The stunningly beautiful scenery, the famous iconic church on the island and carp growing to 80lb has made this one of the most desirable waters to fish in the world.

The lake is around 300 acres and very deep with depths to 30metres (100ft) being common. There are very few shallow areas and fishing in 10+ meters is the norm.

The stock is impressive holding 150 x 40lb carp, 70 x 50lb carp, 20 x 60lb carp and 2 x fish around 70lb with the current record standing at 75lb.


Why do i need a guide?

Tourism is Slovenia’s biggest income and Lake Bled is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and because of this the local authorities have no interest in accomodating carp anglers. In fact they are deterred by both the day ticket prices (€57 per day) and the rules that can be seen here. (

In addition to this, the carp tickets are limited to 10 anglers per day all year from April 1st until December 31st.

With the lake having no night fishing and many of the bites (80%+) falling in the first and last hour of the permitted time, it means that an angler needs to be in their respective swim from around 4am until 11pm at night leaving little time to return to your chosen accommodation ready to return to the lake the following morning.

At VIP Carp Holidays our guide will help you with swim choice, tactics and help you hold a swim whilst maximizing both sleeping and fishing time.

F.A.Q Available

Scroll down to read our F.A.Q detailed information explaining what is included in the packages and what you should bring

A little more info.

The carp respond to bait very well and accessing one of the many productive areas whilst constantly introducing bait is the best method to catching the Bled carp.

We will provide you with the exact equipment that will make the inhibiting rules tolerable guaranteeing maximum comfort on the bank during all conditions.

We also encourage you to arrive the day before you start fishing to enable you to familiarize yourself with the lake with our guide and make a swim choice ready to start an hour before light the following morning.

Campsite accommodation is included in our 3 day and 7 day bled packages where we will provide bivvies/gazebos, bed-chairs and essential camping items for your stay.

We offer a service on the local 4 star campsite situated right by the lake wherein we will provide bivvies, bed-chairs and a BBQ already set up for your arrival.

We also have an apartment available 5 mins from the lake and will help with booking any level of accommodation that you require from hostel to hotel or even a local villa.



  • What Should I Bring:
  • Tackle Box with all end tackle. (Due to airline weight restrictions we advise you to put leads in your pockets.) We also sell leads if you require more.
  • Bite Alarms, Indicators & Buzz Bars: Bank sticks and pods (if needed) are provided.
  • Footwear: Bring some sliders/crocs useful for going in and out of the water.
  • Scales: Bring at least one set per group. Fish go over 70lb in all lakes.
  • Sleeping Bag. (We have a selection of bags and shrouds but many people prefer bringing their own.
  • Pillow: Not essential but useful for the plane and on the bank.
  • Head Torch Bivvy Light
  • Catapult/Stick
  • Spods bait Rockets
  • Wrap Sticks. (We have some availible if yours are too long for a suitcase)
  • Reels and Spod Reel: 0.35 (18lb) line is recommended for most lakes and 0.28 with leaders for distance fishing the Croatia Lakes.
  • Phone Charger Pack: (We have charger packs for hire that will last a week.)
  • Popups: (Not essential as we have bait and matching pop ups for sale)
  • Tea/Coffee: Bring your own Tea Bags. The coffee in Slovenia is very good so you can buy it locally.
  • Camera

When flying each angler will receive the following:

  • Large Bivvy
  • Greys Aircurve Rods
  • Spod Rod
  • Nash Indulgence Bedchair
  • Nash Gazebo per swim
  • Fish Care Equipment per swim
  • Landing Net
  • Rod Bag
  • 1 chair
  • Bank Sticks or Pod if required.
  • Cooking Equipment (Not lake Bled)
  • Gas Burner, Ridgemonkey Combi Set, Large Pan, Kettle, plates, cup and cutlery.
  • Cool Box (Fridge Hire Available. Recommended May-September)

Please Note a €200 euro deposit is payable on arrival for equipment hire.

The following items are available weekly at a surcharge:

Gas Fridge and 6kg bottle: £50

Dinghy, Electric Motor and 120ah leisure battery £80

Honda Senci 1.8kw Petrol Generator (UK Plugs) £80

To charge leisure batteries, phones, fans and anything else that drains less than 1.8kw power.  (Includes 5litres petrol and spare cans)

HPV Gas Heater and Bottle £50

6kg Spare Gas Bottles €20

Phone Charger Packs. (7 charge minimum) £10

Mountain Bike (Per day) 12€

Electric Mountain Bike (Per day) 22€

If you have any questions no matter how small, please contact Balkan Fishing Adventures
07967 005607 or visit our facebook page 

VIP Carp Holidays and Balkan Fishing Adventures facilitate fishing on public lakes in Slovenia and Croatia and it should be noted that in rare circumstances it might not be possible to situate customers on their first choice lake.
VIP Carp Holidays and Balkan Fishing Adventures accept no liability should this occur as alternatives will always be offered to similarly stocked lakes.

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