Baby Cassien

Baby Cassien

The lake is 260 acres set in the heart of Slovenia is a virtually unheard of monster carp venue. The aptly named lake because of its many arms has stunning views that are surrounded by green pine trees from the forests.

You will also see plenty of Slovenian style log cabins in the distance, whilst you are relaxing and catching carp on your holiday in the beauty and peace so typical of Slovenia.

With just a short 2-hour flight to Ljubljana Slovenia airport from any UK airport you can be on the bank fishing within 4 hours of departure.

Big beds of bait seem to be the best feature as these are big hungry wild carp.

There is a very good head of fish with the average being 40lb+ commons with the biggest fish currently a immaculate common weighing over 78lb. We can only describe these fish as immaculate pristine fish with the lake holding some absolute monsters.

The depths range from 6ft to 30ft with an average of around 15ft.

There are plenty of gravel bars, plateaus and weed beds offering a variety of angling challenges.

The stock is even more impressive than the views, which is saying something!

Very few Lakes in Europe give you the chance to have a 78lb+ common on the bank. With as many as 10 fish currently over 70lb and several more over 60lb, 150 x 50lb, 450 x 40lb and 500 x 30lb, not to mention the uncountable amounts of stunning upper 20’s this is with out a doubt a top venue in its own right.

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