Ontario Lake

VIP Carp Holidays offers fishing on one such lake known as Ontario.

This lake is a well-kept secret and as of 2017 Jamie Clossick is probably the only English angler to have fished the great lake.

At around 150 acres the lake holds approximately 120 x 40lb carp, 60 x 50lb carp 10 x 60lb carp and about 6 carp approaching 65-70lb with the record currently at 71lb.

Most of the gravel pits run along side the River Sava and due to the porous nature of the gravel, the river providing the perfect environment for fish to feed and grow throughout the hot summers as it filters the water.

These fish are growing each year at rates as much as 12lb.

The action is furious if you work hard with the Spomb and it is advisable to budget for a lot of bait.

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