Slovenia & Croatia FAQ

All the items you are required to bring will fit comfortably in a suitcase with a 20-25kg allowance. (Recommended)

  • 2 Main Reels & 1 Spod Reel (spooled with standard UK setup. 0.35-0.40 main-line)

Exception: When choosing the Wild Lake Braided mainline is advised as you can be boat fishing up to 250m ranges.

  • Tackle Box with all end tackle. (Due to airline weight restrictions we advise you to put leads in your pockets.) We also sell leads if you require more.
  • Bite Alarms and Indicators: Bank sticks and pods (if needed) are provided. Just bring your heads and receiver.
  • The weather is generally warm from May-October with min temps above 15 degrees and max temps up to 35degrees in August but short storms can occur at any time.
  • Footwear: Bring some sliders/crocs useful for going in and out of the water.
  • Scales: Bring at least one set per group. Fish go over 70lb in all lakes.
  • Sleeping Bag Liner:

We provide a freshly washed sleeping bag but it is optional that you bring a liner for your comfort.

  • Pillow: Not essential but useful for the plane and on the bank.
  • Head Torch:
  • Phone Charger Pack: (We have charger packs for hire that will last a week.)
  • Popups: (Not essential as we have bait and matching pop ups for sale but I personally like to have my favourites with me.)
  • Tea/Coffee:

If you are as big a tea drinker as me then bring your own Tea Bags. The coffee in Slovenia is very good so you can buy it locally.

Slovenia is part of the EU and uses the Euro.

  • Large JRC 2G Twin Skin Bivvy per person. (Inner mesh capsule for mozzi protection)
  • Nash Bank Life Gazebo. (1 per 2 person group perfect for social and cooking or when wet.)
  • All Fish Care Equipment. (Nets/Slings/Cradles/Matts etc.)
  • (Greys Air Curve 12ft 3.5lb tc.)
  • Spod Rod 5lb tc.
  • 1 Nash Chair
  • Nash Indulgence Bedchair
  • JRC Defender Sleeping Bag. (Freshly washed after each trip. We recommend that you bring a liner for your own comfort.)

You will each be provided with a coolbox for your convenience with Ice packs that will be refreshed mid way through your trip (when staying for a week.)

Gas Powered Fridges are available for hire. (Recommended for summer.)

  • Cooking Equipment: Gas Burner, Ridgemonkey Combi Set, Large Pan, Kettle, plates, cup and cutlery.

We can provide a cook with meal plan as an optional extra if you require a fully inclusive VIP experience. (Min 2 people.)

When fishing for a week or more we will stop at a supermarket on route to the lake where you can buy everything you need for the session. We will then take you again mid way through the session to replenish fresh goods.

Slovenian food is very good.  The vegetables and meat are far more natural and nutritious than the standard UK farmed food.

Beer is cheap with the price of a pint around €2 in a bar and under €1 euro a can in supermarkets.

Meal plans and a cook are available upon request for the fully inclusive VIP experience.

A security deposit of €150 is required per person The security deposit is only refundable if the fishing equipment is returned in full working order and the swim is left as it was found.

Lake Bled Equipment Exceptions


As Lake Bled is days only you must bring the same equipment as above but the following is provided as there are no bivvies allowed and you can be mobile if you wish to stalk or search for the fish.

  • 1 Nash Chair
  • 1 Upright Umbrella (This may only be used during rain and packed away at all other times.)
  • 1 Trolly (Essential when staying in apartment as it is up a hill) or 1 Nash Barrow  when staying at the campsite or elsewhere.
  • 2 Greys Aircurve 3.5lb tc rods
  • 1 spod rod
  • 1 Rod Pod
  • Fish Care Equipment. (Matt, Net, Sling etc.)
  • 1 bag/rucksack for equipment.

Bled is days only and it is recommended that you are in your chosen swim until 11pm at night and starting at 4.30am (many bites occur in the first and last couple of hours) so you will only need a base for a short while. We recommend the 4* Campsite on the lake that is popular with anglers from all over Europe.

We offer a service where we will book the pitch for you and will set up a gazebo, bivvy, bedchair, power supply (UK plugs) and cooking equipment for you to use.

The cost is £30 per person per night

We also have an apartment with limited availability in Bled Town (5mins walk to a premium fishing area on the lake) that can be booked separately on our site.

You are also welcome to book your own accommodation at the hostel or one of the many hotels around the lake.

No, all cooking equipment is provided including a gas burner. (BBQs are an optional extra at a small charge)

No, just the permit for the relevant lake (see above)

Branded cigarettes are around  €4 euro for 20

The vast majority of the natural water is alpine and cleaner than anything in the UK and the tap water is also beautiful to drink.

Yes, we will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to and from all lakes and back to the airport in time for your departure.

All lakes have porta-loos around them.

For more privacy we have portable chemical loos for hire that can be used in the swim with a privacy tent. (Perfect when fishing with spouse/partner)

You will be responsible for bagging your waste and we will dispose when returning from the lake.

Solar Showers are available upon request.

Lake Bled (if applicable to you) is an extra that you are responsible for.

Book here:

All other lake permits are included.

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