Zajarki Lake

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Zajarki - New for 2019

Zajarki is without a doubt one of the best stocked lakes in the world!

There are almost 200 70lb plus fish with 6 known fish over 90lb and many more hot on the heels.

The fish are showing growth rates of between 10 and 20lb per year.

The lake is a gravel pit which is around 60 acres in size holding well over 1000 Carp. It is regularly used for matches and holds many match world records for individual fish, total weight and biggest winning weight.

Fish can be caught close in but Zajarki is known for its long range fishing with many anglers comfortable fishing over 150m.

No boats or bait boats separate the better anglers from the pack and the rewards are truly incredible!

Please note there is a very strict 5 minute rule for fish out of water.

The lake is understandably very busy with most swims full everyday of the year with anglers from all over Europe although it is relatively unknown to UK anglers.